The goal of this initiative is to reward youth teams for creating sustainability through good team management and respect for spirit of the game.

The winner of this year’s initiative will receive:
– 12 Cones – $16 value
– 10 Discs – – $80 value
– instructional DVDs and guides – $95 value
– Free Entry into Janus / Melee – $300 value
-Team jerseys (Up to 20) screen printed dri-fit Jerseys – $200 value

In order to be considered for this initiative, you must be in the Tampa Bay area, fill out the form below. The Deadline is December 15th.

– Teams should have min. 14 players on roster all under the ages of 19 and still in highschool or below
– Team makeup should be no more than 50% Seniors
– Create a team liability waiver – example here:
– Create a team code of conduct – example here:
– Create a team budget and dues per player – example here:
– commit to attending 3 tournaments – Janus, Tampa Bay Melee and the Florida State Tournament (costs approx $200)
– show proof of USAU chaperone (or coach) status (cost approx $21.50) –
– run concessions for the Tampa Bay Melee Youth Tournament – all proceeds go back to your team
– submit essay on why your team should be selected – included in form below