Are you a youth player? Want to learn more? Want to play more? Tell your PE teachers and Coaches that you want to play. Write us and tell us if you have a group of kids who want to be coached or just want to be included in upcoming leagues and tournaments or just want to set up scrimmages with other groups. Can’t get enough Ultimate? look for adult pickup games in your area. Most adults welcome the chance to mentor new players. Tampa Bay Adult leagues, tournaments and pickup games can be found at

There are usually a few High School Club Teams in Tampa Bay (and surrounding areas) – you do not need to go to that high school to participate. Many teams also take middle schoolers

The S. Tampa Fire Ants were established in 2012 and as of 2015 won the State Championship two times.  For more information, goto

The High School Season usually starts in Dec and ends with the State Tournament in April.

The state tournament schedule and other info can be found on the Florida Youth Ultimate Facebook page:

Local youth information can also be found on