We will observe 11th edition rules.

Games are to 13, point cap to 15, half is at 7 (for 5 minutes).

One time out per half plus one floater (3 time outs max per game).

Time duration for games is 85 minutes. Normal play is 70 minutes, soft cap is 10 minutes, hard cap is 5 minutes.

At soft cap, finish the duration of the current point, add 2 to the highest score, and play the game to that point total.

At hard cap, finish the duration of the current point, game is over when any team has a lead.

Teams not ready at the start of a game can be assessed one point for every 5 minutes that the opposing team has seven on the line (charged to the captain in player statistics).

Standard mixed ratio is 5/2. Team captains can negotiate different ratios with offense dictating. Captains can offer women subs to teams lacking women.

Teams with no available women must play 6 players if they cannot match the offense’s mixed ratio.

Teams fielding non-rostered players for a game (excluding approved subs from other teams) will result in an automatic loss – ignoring all assist/score statistics collected for that losing team.

Attendance, assists and goals statistics must be given credit to a valid member of each team.

Final game score must be validated against the player statistics worksheet before submission.

Team captains are responsible for agreeing on the final score and submitting them in writing by the end of the night. Scores that do not match the player statistics worksheets will be ignored. If we can’t tell who scored the points, the score didn’t officially happen.