Job titlePresident Director

Job purpose

The purpose of this position is to set long-term and short term goal for the organization and ensure that all organization activity is in line with the those goals and the mission statement. A person serving in this position will also be a member of the Tampa Bay Ultimate Board and will adhere to all of the duties and responsibilities of that position.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Chair Tampa Bay Ultimate Board meetings
  • Work with the Vice President to set the agenda for all meetings.
  • Help to prepare short term and long term goals for the organization and each Director and insure the adherence to the mission statement.
  • Manage the Executive Board members (Treasurer, Secretary) and the Marketing and Communications Directors.
  • Insure that all games sponsored by TBU are played with the “spirit of the game”
  • Assistant all Board members in their various duties as needed.
  • Delegate additional responsibilities as needed.
  • Serve on the Board, attending monthly Board meetings, voting on Board issues and participating in Board discussions, in a timely manner, both in person and online.
  • Participate in other Tampa Bay Ultimate fundraising events


A person serving in this position should meet the following standards:

·      Have a basic knowledge of the game of Ultimate and the “spirit of the game”

·      Be able to speak in front of moderate to large crowds

·      Be a member of the TBU community having participated in TBU events within the previous year

·      Have a positive reputation with the members of the TBU community and Board