UpRoar continues to be the established local team, while, this year, taking a shot at ascending the program to the sport’s next arena.


Tampa’s ultimate team for those who want a more relaxed environment. This team is specifically designed to accommodate all USF and high school players. Every practice will involve a scrimmage, so you will get to play ultimate, not just run drills. Most importantly, let’s have fun!


Restless is Florida’s only woman’s masters team, consisting of experience female players over the age of 30 years. We have played in two national championships, which occur in August. Players are from Tallahassee to Miami, with the majority being from the central Florida area. We practice at least once a month. Interested players can contact Ashlie at 813-766-9787.

Wooly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth is a Florida Ultimate Masters team aiming to balance our competitiveness with our spirit through our play and behavior on and off the field.